Not only are we practising what we preach and sharing our workload around to make room of ‘life stuff’, but we are very excited to announce that we have broadened our service offering!

Jordenne Swaby is our brand-spanking Digital Marketing Specialist. Jordenne is here to whip your websites and social media into shape, beef up your SEO and finesse your digital presence. She has already created a new website from the ground up and converted a long-time LinkedIn sceptic into a seasoned social media star.

When Jordenne isn’t administering her daily lectures on the science of LinkedIn to the Lacuna team, she can be found with her nose in a book (fiction during the 8 weeks of the year she isn’t studying, psychology textbooks for the rest!), inflicting photos of her pets on unassuming victims and completely destroying her kitchen in the pursuit of a new recipe.

The addition of Jordenne to the team is exciting for us because it means Lacuna is growing and exciting for you, because it means there are more ways we can help.

If you’re looking for support with digital marketing, your website and SEO, social media or general marketing prowess, get in touch today!

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