Jordenne Swaby

B.BusMan, BA

I am an experienced marketing generalist who has worked in a broad range of industries from professional services to retail and almost everything in between.

After starting my marketing career in a law firm, I have worked across various roles but continue to gravitate back towards professional services.

I have worked in large teams and small teams, and have been my very own ‘team’ of just one. I’ve worked with big and small budgets so can adapt effective marketing strategies to deliver success, no matter the resources available.

My expertise lies in digital marketing and teaching brands and individuals how to leverage the digital world to build both their personal and corporate profiles through social media, websites, content, SEO and targeted advertising.

Helping clients build websites and campaigns, I work with them to grow their digital presence and generate leads through below the line channels.

When I am not at work, I study psychology; an almost decade-long pursuit when completed part-time! Despite not being a parent, I certainly share the values of Lacuna when it comes to flexibility and the ability to have space in life to pursue other things outside of the corporate world.

Jordenne Swaby