Why we do it

After years of working in large law firms, we were questioning the compatibility of our careers and our lives outside the office.

The pressure of always being accessible, delivering significant administrative tasks and the ever-increasing billable targets left little time or energy for the other things that mattered in our lives.

We still enjoyed the challenges of professional work, delivering solutions for our firms and the collegiality of our workplace. However, stepping off the treadmill, we took some time out and thought about what needed to change not only for us to ‘have it all’, but for growing firms to benefit from the expertise typically reserved for the big end of town. We wanted everyone to ‘have it all’.

We started by working with individual lawyers who, like us wanted to reclaim their lives and go out on their own, as well as boutiques and provided specialist marketing, business development and structuring support to help them launch and grow their operations.

Over time, we recognised that there was also an appetite for other professionals and larger firms to access our senior skillsets at a fraction of the cost of hiring their own staff. We are now delivering an outsourced function and specific project work to law firms, engineering firms, accounting firms, financial advisers, architects, recruiters and more.

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Why our clients love us

I had made the decision to change roles but was unsure of the career options available to me. Bronwyn was invaluable in helping me to clarify what I was looking for in my next role. She provided me with tactics to approach prospective employers and to best use my network to ask for help to uncover opportunities and/or provide introductions to my target employers. Bronwyn’s approach is very professional and collaborative and I was delighted with the results. I have just started a new senior leadership role in my chosen industry providing new challenge and stretch. I am delighted. A very positive experience.

Executive Leader

Australian Government Agency

I am the principal of a successful boutique firm. Over the last 6 months, I have been working with Bronwyn as an executive coach to help through significant changes in organisational structure, core focus and service innovation. She has worked with me on management skills and tools that have enabled me to bring more balance and a sense of purpose into my work. Her own background in international top tier firms has brought a sense of empathy and understanding to her support that really sets Bronwyn’s service offering apart. 


Boutique Law Firm

Over years of practice, lawyers develop practical legal and commercial judgment and skills. It is surprisingly easy for lawyers to take that for granted, and underestimate the capability and value they bring to a firm or a client. Bronwyn has this incredible ability to identify and promote that capability and value. 

Special Counsel

Big 6 Law Firm

Bronwyn’s exceptional talent at understanding people enables her to provide coaching support to professionals in a way that not only enhances their careers, but empowers them to make difficult decisions, gives them courage to be honest about what is important to them and to try new things and in doing so, build sustainable careers. 


Big Six Law Firm

I’ve been a client of Lacuna for over 6 months now and have to say that the Lacuna team (Bron, Jordenne & Gemma) are all wonderful (and fun) to work with. They bring real world legal experience which allows them to provide insightful and practical ideas and strategies to grow your law firm business, online presence and networks.

The Lacuna team are friendly and warm, efficient, reliable and responsive. They also make sure you keep on track with your marketing and development tasks and actions. I highly recommend Lacuna if you are looking for tailored business development and marketing services for your firm.

Mark Mathews

Legal Practitioner Director, Mathews Tax Lawyers

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