Lacuna Legal Providers is delighted to again be shortlisted as a finalist at the Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards 2021. Being recognised in the Innovator of the Year (Company) category is testament to the excellence the team has displayed in offering an innovative proposition which is essential for the growing independent legal services market.

Lacuna provides business and operational services allowing senior independent lawyers and law firms to focus on what they do best – delivering legal advice. Lacuna’s clients can dial-up and dial-down back office, management, and administrative support as needed on a month-to-month basis.

Launched in March 2019 by Co-Founders Bronwyn Eynon-Lewis and Allison Warburton, Lacuna was established to fill a void in the profession, helping lawyers have careers and lives that are meaningful. “After many years working in big law in Australia and overseas, both as a lawyer and in support functions, the juggle between work and other commitments was taking a toll on my health and happiness,” said Bronwyn.

“A career in law takes a significant investment of time and money. The demands of clients and billable hours can be difficult to maintain, particularly if a person has commitments outside of work such as children, caring responsibilities, or community involvement,” said Allison. “This was certainly the case for us, and the catalyst for establishing Lacuna. We wanted to find a way to give lawyers options about how they work,” she said.

Lawyers can engage Lacuna to help them establish and grow their practices without being drowned in the administrative tasks that go with running a business. Clients can affordably access diverse specialist support and skillsets, giving them confidence to establish a professional life that works for them.

“A key benefit for Lacuna’s clients is having more time to spend with clients, delivering billable work or finding ways to improve and differentiate their service,” said Allison. “Lacuna takes on the back-office tasks involved in managing a business so lawyers can focus on their clients and advice,” she said.

“At Lacuna we are constantly challenging ourselves to find better ways of delivering our services, and we encourage our clients to think innovatively in their use of technology, pricing services, and the way they work with their clients,” said Bronwyn. “We challenge lawyers to have the confidence to find new ways to work and try new things,” she said.

Since Lacuna’s establishment in 2019, the business has been committed to the #newlaw community and providing innovative models for sustaining rewarding legal careers. Lacuna is one of the selected participants in the College of Law – Centre for Legal Innovation’s (CLI) world first Innovation Incubator. Lacuna is developing a project and working with other participants to continue to evolve the way legal services are delivered and bring further benefits to our clients and members of the broader legal community.

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